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New York City is Poised to Become a New Center for Health Tech Innovation

New York has world renowned hospitals and medical colleges, like Weill Cornell, NYU, and Memorial Sloan Kettering; now, it seems, the city is quickly becoming a major center for health technology development. Some of the most promising healthcare startups, such as ZocDoc and Oscar, were formed in New York City.  While traditionally known for being…

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The Rise of the Chinese Middle Class

The Growing Importance of the Emerging Middle Class Consumer, as Illustrated by iPhone Sales

Apple’s third quarter earnings report proves that their bet on China as a lucrative market opportunity is paying off. Sales in Europe and the United states have slowed to single digit growth, while iPhone sales for BRIC countries were up 55%. China, in particular, had an especially strong quarter, as revenue growth was up 28% year over…

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What Will Happen to Higher Education?

The economic downturn in 2008 and the recession that followed altered the US economy in many ways, from the unemployment rate to workforce participation. In its wake, some sectors have come under greater scrutiny for high costs and low output, with healthcare and education as the two of the most hotly debated areas. With wages…

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Venture Capital Funding At Highest Level Since 2001

Further fueling concerns that we are in another “Tech 2.0” bubble, venture capital financing and exits in the first half of 2014 has reached its highest level since 2001. CB Insiders’ quarterly report  highlights that  US venture capital funding in total for the first half of the year was $23.87 billion, a 71% increase from the same…

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How Will Millennials Transform the US Economy?

For the first time since the early 1980s, the single largest age group in the US is 23 year olds, who are just now entering the workforce. This influx of young technology natives, combined with increasingly faster paced technological advancement, has already altered many parts of the US economy, with more to come. Some theorize that…

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Healthcare Startups Hit Funding High

According to a new report from Rock Health, mHealth companies raised $2.2 billion in the first half of this year, already surpassing the total amount raised  for all of 2013. This, combined with a steady increase in venture funding and increasingly larger series rounds, has led to further concerns that we are facing another venture bubble.…

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