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The Resurgence of American Cities: Part III

The New Collaboration Model As we introduced in our previous post, larger trends at work have helped contribute to a renewed interest in US cities. In this post we look at the another major trend we’ve identified as contributing to more of the population living and working in urban areas: the new collaboration model between…

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The Resurgence of American Cities: Part II

How the Third Wave of the Industrial Revolution Has Affected Cities We’ve discussed here before the different ways in which the shifting nature of our economy has affected wages, jobs available, and the socioeconomic makeup of our country. The type of jobs available have bifurcated into high skilled, high paying technology based work, and low…

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The Resurgence of American Cities: Part I

Following the recession of 2008-9, Silicon Valley and its offshoots, like “Silicon Alley” in New York, have rebounded strongly, resulting in increasing startups being founded and funded. These new tech centers have led to job growth, rising rents, and a “renaissance” of neighborhoods that even only a decade before had been largely abandoned (like many…

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The Rise of Female Accelerator Programs

Recently, amidst intense scrutiny of the gender gap within the tech industry, there has been an increase in accelerators and programs to help better support female entrepreneurs. While the reasons behind the gap in female founded companies getting founded, the number of female venture capital firm partners, and gender imbalance at major technology companies will…

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