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Simplifying Charitable Donations Across Age Groups and Income Levels

In the past decade or so we’ve seen the increasing importance for brands to highlight their community involvement, from making their products more environmentally friendly to companies like Warby Parker and Tom’s, who prioritize philanthropy by donating a pair of eyeglasses or shoes to those in need with every pair sold. Socially conscious investing is also…

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Why GDP No Longer Accurately Measures Economic Improvement

Sam Altman of Y Combinator recently wrote an excellent post highlighting the policy changes necessary to spur innovation in the United States. Along with increasing investments in education and research and development, he emphasized the importance in improving the way we currently measure national economic growth. GDP, as Eric Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee recently argued…

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The Resurgence of American Cities: Part IV

Shifting Demographics In our past post, we discussed how more companies, both established and new, are increasingly moving into the more collaborative work environments available in a city. Concurrent with this trend, there have been increasing numbers of young graduates moving- and settling for the long term- in urban areas as opposed to the suburbs.…

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