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Silicon Valley Attempts to Take on the Student Loan Crisis

Over the past two decades, new college graduates are increasingly struggling to become financially independent from their parents. While many factors are to blame, including stagnant wages, a recent recession, and rising costs of housing in major metropolitan areas, one major financial burden is the increasing amount of debt many students must take on to…

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Managed Expectations, Smoother Outcomes: The Issue With Using The S&P 500 as a Benchmark

Last week, Forbes published an article,”The S&P 500 Shouldn’t Be the Barometer of Investor Success, Here’s Why“, that emphasized an important point about how investors should judge the returns from their portfolio. Typically, there is a tendency to compare annual returns against popular, well known indices such as the S&P500. On the surface, this seems logical:…

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R/GA and Techstars Demo Day 2015

Yesterday we attended the R/GA Accelerator and Techstars Demo Day in NYC. R/GA and Techstars partnered together last summer to create an accelerator program focused on the Internet of Things and connected devices. The 15 companies that graduated from this program yesterday seem poised to take the lead on many emerging trends in the mobile…

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529 Plans and Planning for College Expenses

As the recent uproar over President Obama’s proposed plan to tax educational investment accounts (529 Plans) has shown, the financial burden of paying for college has quickly become a major issue for all but the wealthiest Americans. More so than ever before, it is crucial to begin planning for college expenses as early as possible. The…

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The Push for Building Smarter Cities

This week, President Obama announced at the end of his trip to India that he will support Prime Minister Modi’s pledge to build 100 smart cities in India. Mr. Modi has set aside 70.6 billion rupees ($1.2 billion) this year to modernize India’s congested, polluted cities. While a smart city in India will certainly be…

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