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How Batteries Will Make Our Global Energy Infrastructure More Efficient

This is Part II in a two part post on battery technology. See Part I for more information on the factors that have led to the renewed interest in integrating batteries into our energy infrastructure. In our last post, we discussed how recent developments have led to renewed interest in improving battery technology. The potential…

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The Rise of Batteries as a Major Part of Our Energy Infrastructure

This is a two part post on battery technology. Part II discusses different ways battery technology will help improve our energy infrastructure.  In recent years, much of the focus in improvements in clean energy technology has shifted to the battery. As costs have dropped and the technology has improved in solar energy and electric cars,…

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The Changing Employment Model

Over the past decade, the rise of cheap computing power and widespread cellular data networks has led to dramatic changes in how people communicate with each other and businesses.  One of the largest changes has been the rise of the on-demand economy, where technology companies such as Uber and Airbnb connect consumers and freelance service providers…

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The Intersection of Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence, and Its Implications for the Future

Last month, the Future of Life Institute published an open letter, signed by prominent experts from the scientific community, that called for greater oversight and research into how to control artificial intelligence, with the concern that some day in the near future this technology will surpass human intelligence. Even just a decade ago, this fear…

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