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Big Data and the Shale Oil Revolution

With the price of oil sharply dropping over the past few months, it may seem as if the shale oil boom of the past decade is coming to an end. With the number of drills dropping earlier this year, many have predicted the end of the American energy renaissance, with many of the largest producers…

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Planning for the Increasing Cost of Healthcare in Retirement

Retirement for those beginning to save today will look very different than it has in the past. Dramatic increases in healthcare costs over a longer period of time (due to Americans on average living longer) has made it necessary for current savers to rethink how they plan for their retirement. By identifying their time horizon…

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Staying Focused on the Long Term during Volatile Market Conditions

Undoubtedly, this has been an unsettling summer for global markets. Concerns over the fate of Greece, the continuing rout in commodities, and uncertainty over the pace of global growth have all weighed on risk assets for the past few months. This past week, many markets experienced record single day gains and losses, marking a return…

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