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The 3D Printing Revolution in Silicon Alley

In the past few years, the New York City tech industry- commonly known as “Silicon Alley”- has grown rapidly to become one of the top cities for high tech companies in the U.S. The majority of companies based in NYC have tended to focus more on media and financial tech; however, the area has also…

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Goals Based Planning is a Critical Factor in Becoming Financially Healthy

Last week, we attended FinTech Conference 2015, hosted at NYU by Entrepreneurship at Cornell in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and CoVenture. Much of the conference focused on using new technology, such as mobile payments and data analysis, to better include those who cannot access bank accounts and credit. The talk…

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Techstars Mobility Holds Inaugural Demo Day in Detroit

Last month, we traveled to Detroit to attend the Detroit Venture Partners Demo Day and the first Techstars Mobility Demo Day. Both showcased a number of talented entrepreneurs working on solving a wide variety of transportation-related problems and beyond. On our first day, we were given the opportunity to tour downtown Detroit with Dan Gilbert’s team. Dan…

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Using Near Field Communication Technology to Improve Public Transportation

In an increasingly urbanized world, never before has public transportation been more important to moving people from point A to point B. Nevertheless, in many cities, making use of mass transit is a daunting task, as one seeks to navigate a disparate system of payments and tickets, and struggles with the idiosyncrasies of turnstiles and…

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EMV Technology: The Push for a More Secure Way to Pay in Stores

Over the past few months, retailers and banks have been preparing for a change in how consumers pay with credit cards to better protect against credit card fraud. In the past few months, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express have replaced existing credit cards with a more secure version that uses computer chips, as well as…

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