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The Blockchain and Bitcoin: Another Leapfrog Technology for the Developing World?

Blockchain technology and Bitcoin have become two widely discussed emerging technologies; industries such as healthcare and financial services are investing significant resources into implementing Blockchain technology as a way to manage large public databases (see our recent post on the Blockchain for more details). However, some of the greatest value of Bitcoin and the Blockchain…

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The Economics of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, much like other major sporting events, is often heralded (by its organizers) as a huge driver of spending, from advertising sales to tourism activity. The economic benefits for the host city are often pointed to as a way to outweigh the cost and strain of hosting the event. However, many cities have…

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Beyond the Iowa Caucuses: How Des Moines Became a 21st Century City

As always, the Iowa presidential caucus draws an inordinate amount of media attention onto the state, as it kicks off the long race for the presidency. However, perhaps more instructive for the rest of the nation than following the first of many long battles during the primary season would be to take a closer look…

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