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Economic Moats and Competitive Advantages

The term “economic moat” has frequently made it into analysts’ vocabulary as of late. Though the origin of the phrase is unknown, it has been made popular by long term value investor Warren Buffet who uses it as a description of the ability of a business to maintain a competitive advantage. Similar to how a…

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Industry 4.0: A New Era In Manufacturing

For most, the term “Industrial Revolution” invokes images of steam engines, textile mills and gas lighting. However, this was but the first of many landmark transformations in the world of manufacturing. With mass electrification came a second revolution, marked by mass production and assembly lines, laid the groundwork for a globalized economy. In the postwar…

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A Crash Course in Risk

On June 24th, the UK voted in a referendum on the country’s continued membership in the European Union. Though most data suggested the opposite, Britain’s voters, by 52-48 margin, ultimately chose to leave the EU. This created a tremendous amount of volatility in markets the next day, as investors around the world scrambled to determine…

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