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The Increasing Global Urban Population and the Internet of Things

This is Part III in our series on the Internet of Things. See here for Part I and here for Part II.  As we discussed in Part II of this series, integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology into existing systems can help make these systems more efficient in their use of natural resources, such as water.…

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Managing Scarce Resources Using the Internet of Things

This is Part II in our series on The Internet of Things. Click here for Part I As we discussed last week, the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology into different industries represents a huge growth opportunity for the semiconductor industry, even as Moore’s Law begins to show its age. One area primed for disruption…

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Beyond Moore’s Law: How the Internet of Things will Revitalize the Semiconductor Industry

Moore’s Law, the theory that the number of transistors on a silicon chip would double every two years, turned 50 last month. First stipulated by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, the prediction has proved largely correct, with the pace of technological innovation reaching unprecedented levels. Chips have become exponentially more powerful and smaller size, while…

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How Batteries Will Make Our Global Energy Infrastructure More Efficient

This is Part II in a two part post on battery technology. See Part I for more information on the factors that have led to the renewed interest in integrating batteries into our energy infrastructure. In our last post, we discussed how recent developments have led to renewed interest in improving battery technology. The potential…

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The Rise of Batteries as a Major Part of Our Energy Infrastructure

This is a two part post on battery technology. Part II discusses different ways battery technology will help improve our energy infrastructure.  In recent years, much of the focus in improvements in clean energy technology has shifted to the battery. As costs have dropped and the technology has improved in solar energy and electric cars,…

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The Push for Building Smarter Cities

This week, President Obama announced at the end of his trip to India that he will support Prime Minister Modi’s pledge to build 100 smart cities in India. Mr. Modi has set aside 70.6 billion rupees ($1.2 billion) this year to modernize India’s congested, polluted cities. While a smart city in India will certainly be…

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