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Big Data in Healthcare and Education

There has been a significant uptick in startups harnessing the power of big data to improve outcomes in struggling public and private sectors. Two areas that have attracted a significant amount of attention are the US healthcare and education system, both of which are dramatically more expensive than in other wealthy nations, though outcomes are…

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What Will Happen to Higher Education?

The economic downturn in 2008 and the recession that followed altered the US economy in many ways, from the unemployment rate to workforce participation. In its wake, some sectors have come under greater scrutiny for high costs and low output, with healthcare and education as the two of the most hotly debated areas. With wages…

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AT&T and Udacity to Introduce Alternative to the College Degree

AT&T and Udacity recently announced they will partner to create the “nano” degree, an online, one year program for those at a high school math level that directly prepares the student for an entry level software job at AT&T. As we covered in more detail in our whitepaper on the US educational system, one of…

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